We Make Healthy Products

using all-natural and organically-grown ingredients.

We use the finest raw ingredients, pure natural beeswax, home-grown medicinal herbs and high-quality essential oils to create our line of products. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us to let us know – we will make it right.

What Our Customers are Saying

“I purchased Dew Drops 2 weeks ago at the weekend market in Clermont. I have been using the drops every day on my face and neck. My face is soft, and best of all the small lines and wrinkles around my eyes are diminished. I definitely see an improvement. Your candles are great too! Thanks so much.” Debbie

“We LOVE the Mosquito Repellent Stick! It works GREAT, smells FANTASTIC, and no worries about harmful chemicals!” Alecia Folsom

“My son (8) carries the Mosquito Stick to school in his backpack. Before he plays outside he places one swipe on each arm and on each leg. And on the back of his neck and one across his forehead. No smell, no spray, easy, easy. And no mosquito bites. That’s the best part.” Andrea

“Hello Barbara, I must thank you for the Camphor Rub I got from you. I have not used a product that works as thoroughly and as quickly as this product. At age 63 I have had SLE, or 1 of the 3 forms of Lupus for many years as well as R.A. which is an auto immune disease as well. Added to these I have O.A. and degenerative disc disease in my back. The relief I have received from this wonderful product is truly fantastic. I must say I was surprised in the speed in which the Camphor Rub works!! And I mean works! I have tried many of the O.T.C. products only to be disappointed after spending a lot more money! You can count on me to be a regular customer for not only this product but your natural lip balm and the mosquito stick. Thank you again for such fine NATURAL products.” Teresa Rutherford

Custom Products for your Events

custom-product-thOur custom beeswax candles are perfect for your event. Long-burning, all-natural, hand-poured beeswax candles make a wonderful addition to your special occasion or your company marketing plan.

Wholesale Inquiry

wholesaleOur Mosquito Stick is our most-often wholesaled product; however, we are always looking for partnerships to make our natural products available to the public.