About Us

About Us

Our company is located among the rolling hills, lakes and orange groves of Central Florida. We are fortunate to have a lake-side location with a historic site nearby.

Here there are an abundance of bees and the wonderful products they create – including the extraordinarily-useful beeswax. In fact, it is because of the beautiful local beeswax that our company came into being.

Combining beeswax with our own home-grown healing herbs, we began to create salves, balms and a mosquito repellent – all natural, all simple and wholesome.

Now our line of natural products has grown to include beautiful candles made from this natural beeswax, as well as a line of skin care products.

We believe in the nurturing power of nature and nature’s gifts of plants for healing purposes. We use only the finest of natural ingredients and include some Florida sunshine in all our products.

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  1. Can you tell me how much baby powder candle tins costs

    • Hi Madge. The 2-oz. tins start at $3.50, depending on the quantity.


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