Beeswax candle saleWe have the longest-lasting candles you can buy! Shop now at our beeswax candle sale – click right here!

No wonder you want to purchase beeswax candles – they’re the best in every way. They are the healthiest candles on the market – they contain NO genetically-modified soy, petroleum products, or allergy-causing ingredients.

We make our candles using only pure, filtered beeswax from American sources. We scent them with the finest fragrance oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils – no harsh perfumes.

Our popular fragrances include some that we created and are unique to our line – you can see them all at our beeswax candle sale. We are constantly updating our scents with new creations, blends and seasonal favorites. If you don’t see a scent you want, just ask us to make one in your favorite fragrance and we’ll make a personalized candle for you (minimum order, of course, but it’s only one dozen).

To check out all our fragrances and shop now – go on over to our beeswax candle sale page.

Another wonderful quality of beeswax that makes these candles so popular is that it is such a hard wax that it burns twice as long as other kinds of wax. We carefully choose our wick sizes to match our containers in order to create the longest burn-time. When you first light your candle, we recommend burning it for an hour or two depending on the size of your jar or tin – long enough to create a wide ‘puddle’ of wax. This helps the wax melt efficiently so it doesn’t tunnel down in the middle and go to waste.

  • Scented beeswax candles are perfect for creating a mood at home
  • You can carry our candle tins along when traveling, or use one (unlit) to scent your car
  • They make great party favors
  • Unique corporate give-aways
  • Personalized bridesmaids gifts

Beeswax Candle SaleWe make exclusively container candles – in glass jar and tins. We love how the hexagonal glass jars look while they’re burning. That’s why we leave the sides unlabeled, so you can enjoy the beautiful flame and honey color of the beeswax.

Enjoy our beeswax candle sale, and please let us know how much you enjoyed your purchase!