At B’s Botanicals, we use only the most natural,
highest quality ingredients in our products.

Here are some details about some of our most important ingredients:

    • We use pure, filtered beeswax mainly as a thickening agent in our salves, balms and Mosquito Stick. Its waxy nature allows the active ingredients in our finished product (like herbal infusions and/or essential oils) to remain in contact with the skin, so that they can do the work they’re meant to do. But beeswax provides more than just a thickener. It has moisturizing, anti-bacterial and nourishing properties of its own. It’s one of our favorite ingredients.
    • Home-grown Herbs. Our products evolved because of the healing herbs we were already growing. In researching these various herbs, we learned that several were natural mosquito repellents. These were used to create our Mosquito Stick. Another important plant material – the infused leaves of our camphor trees – is known to relieve congestion and ease joint pain, and we used this material to create our Camphor Rub. Our Muscle Rub is created using two other medicinal herbs from our gardens – rosemary and oregano. All our herbs are grown using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
    • Butters and Oils. We use pure, refined Mango and Cocoa Butters, as well as unrefined Shea Butter, in many of our products. These rich butters are well-known for their moisturizing and skin-softening abilities, as well as the vitamins and minerals they contain. The butters are grown naturally in West Africa and Malaysia, and are fabulous skin healers and conditioners. We use the refined butters so that the raw fragrances do not overpower the scents we add, but we use the unrefined Shea for its healing qualities. All the butters are food-grade. The oils we use, like Vitamin E and jojoba oil, are also natural and pure.
    • Essential Oils. These are oils – generally derived by distillation – of the essences of flowers and plants. They are not primarily used for their mood-setting fragrances (except in our Fragrant Mist). Rather, they are chosen for their healing properties, depending on the formulation of our various products. We do use high-quality fragrance oils in our pure beeswax candles, but even some of those – and all of our skin products and salves – use essential oils only.

We never use petroleum products, alcohol, or any harsh chemical ingredients. We don’t even use water! There are no fillers or unnecessary stuff – just pure, helpful, natural goodness. Although all our products are totally natural, some people with very sensitive skin may still have a reaction to the essential oils or other ingredients. If you know you have a sensitivity to certain things, please study the product ingredients carefully before ordering.

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