A jar candle makes a beautiful, fragrant statement in any room. To make a beautiful statement with our containers,  B’s Botanicals specializes in hexagonal glass jars for our all-natural scented beeswax candles.

Jar CandleNot only are our jars beautiful, but we purposely do not label the sides of our jars! We don’t believe in big labels that cover the sides of our jar candles – so, we leave them exposed. All you see is the lovely flame of your pure beeswax candle inside.

We offer a jar candle in two sizes – 4 oz. (burns more than 20 hours), and 9 oz. (burns ‘practically forever’!). A beeswax candle burns up to twice as long as other candles, due to the harness of the beeswax.

Essential Oils

We love to use essential oils to scent our jar candles. All our candles are made with high-quality fragrance oils, but there’s something about essential oil candles that provides true aroma-therapy! So, we created some signature fragrances using these precious oils.

Our unique signature fragrances are made with only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. These scents are Zen Garden, Lemongrass-Lime, Orange-Jasmine and Forest. These are fragrances you won’t find anywhere else, and they are some of our all-time best sellers. You can buy them right HERE.

Scented Jar Candle

One of the unique things about a jar candle – apart from its beauty – is the mood you can set by your choice of fragrance. It is widely known that scent is a big influencer of our mind and our mind-set. We can be enlivened, soothed, stimulated, relaxed – all by a fragrance!

Our scented beeswax jar candles come in a wide variety of fragrances you will love. Some favorites of our customers are Mango-Melon, Island Breeze, Vanilla-Hazelnut, Spiced Berry and Ocean. Everyone loves scented candles, but everyone has unique likes and dislikes. What’s your favorite? You can choose your candles HERE.