Camphor Rub

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Soothing relief for sore joints and congestion.

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Made from our own camphor leaves, this soothing rub penetrates to provide fast relief for painful joints. It’s also excellent for chest or head congestion. Camphor is one of the old-time remedies, relied upon by our ancestors.  The essential oils have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties. Results may be subtle at first, but you will definitely notice them.

 Directions: Rub into sore joints as needed. For another layer of relief, use it in conjunction with our Muscle Rub.  Apply to chest or under nose to relieve congestion.  For headaches, rub it on temples or forehead. Our customers have also reported using Camphor Rub on rashes, so feel free to experiment.

 Ingredients:  Camphor leaves, infused in sweet almond oil; pure beeswax; essential oils of camphor, eucalyptus, cedarwood, lavender and tea tree.

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2 oz.

3 reviews for Camphor Rub

  1. Teresa Rutherford

    Hello Barbara, I must thank you for the Camphor Rub I got from you. I have not used a product that works as thoroughly and as quickly as this product. At age 63 I have had SLE, or 1 of the 3 forms of Lupus for many years as well as R.A. which is an auto immune disease as well. Added to these I have O.A. and degenerative disc disease in my back. The relief I have received from this wonderful product is truly fantastic. I must say I was surprised in the speed in which the Camphor Rub works!! And I mean works! I have tried many of the O.T.C. products only to be disappointed after spending a lot more money! You can count on me to be a regular customer for not only this product but your natural lip balm and the mosquito stick. Thank you again for such fine NATURAL products.

  2. Bob

    This Camphor Rub has reduced the swelling in my thumb, which I have had for years, by half. Good stuff!

  3. Patsy

    I’ve been using camphor rub for joint pain & lower back pain as well as using on my temples for headaches. Works great!

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