Mosquito Stick

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Natural solid mosquito repellent in a large, roll-up tube.


This all-natural repellent is both effective and gentle.

Made from home-grown herbs (citronella, rosemary and lemongrass) grown without chemicals, the Mosquito Stick provides relief from annoying  – and potentially disease-carrying – mosquito bites.

Here’s how we make it:  Our low-and-slow infusion method extracts the oil-soluble properties of the herbs.  We thicken it with beeswax, so its repellent properties stay on your skin, and add essential oils to increase the effectiveness.  Mosquitoes smell something they don’t like when they fly near you – so they fly away without biting!

Our long-lasting Mosquito Stick is safe for children, and the bigger kids can easily apply it themselves. For very young babies (under 6 months), test on a small spot – or apply to cap and clothes or carry-sling.

Directions for use: Because mosquitoes hate the scent of the Stick, there’s no need to cover every inch of skin – simply use the big roll-up tube to draw a few long stripes down front and back of legs and arms, around neck and forehead, etc.  Be sure to touch those spots where mosquitoes like to sneak up from behind – ankles, ears and backs of knees and shoulders, for instance. Reapply every hour, or as needed.

Carry Mosquito Stick along in your pocket or purse. Leave one in the car for impromptu outings. Keep one by the door for evening dog-walking, or early morning gardening.

Contents:  Active ingredients: Lemongrass and lemongrass essential oil, citronella and citronella essential oil, rosemary – less than 2% each. Other ingredients: pure beeswax; non-GMO coconut oil; Vitamin E oil; essential oils of cedarwood, peppermint and geranium. Created with FDA-exempted ingredients. Made in the USA.


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Weight 1.5 oz
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.5 oz.

8 reviews for Mosquito Stick

  1. Andrea

    “My son (8) carries the Mosquito Stick to school in his backpack. Before he plays outside he places one swipe on each arm and on each leg. And on the back of his neck and one across his forehead. No smell, no spray, easy, easy. And no mosquito bites. That’s the best part.”

  2. Bruce

    The Mosquito stick is the best natural product for the job. It’s December and I still have to use it in the evening sometimes. No bites and feel good to know I’m not putting poison on my skin.

  3. Natalie Mejia

    Best mosquito repellent I’ve ever used! Smells wonderful, long lasting, and the best part, safe for my family’s health! Love it!

  4. barbb

    We LOVE the Mosquito Repellent Stick!! It works GREAT, smells FANTASTIC, and no worries about harmful chemicals!!!

  5. Cookie

    This is a wonderful product. Love that there are no chemicals and that it worked so well in preventing bites from the gigantic mosquitos we have in the midwest.

  6. Jo Ann Holmes

    So happy that I found B’s Botanicals booth at the Lakeland Farmers Curbside Market. As you see, I have given it a five star rating and wish there were more stars to add.

  7. Colleen

    This product really works! I’m a gardener and have more problems with gnats than mosquitos and it keeps them away always! I have used it in the evening for walks with my dog and it delivers! No mosquito bites either. Great product and no poisons like DEET!

  8. barbb

    Great product!

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