Natural Candles


Natural candles are the best for a healthy home.

You probably love natural things - like wholesome food, fresh air and clean home products. Naturally, you love Natural Candles!

B's Botanicals makes pure beeswax candles that are as natural as all the other wholesome things in life!

We start with pure, filtered beeswax  from only U.S. sources. "Filtered" means that impurities are removed, but the beautiful golden color remains. That unique golden color comes from the tiny particles of honey and propolis that remain in the wax - since it is not refined, completely filtered, or bleached. We would never use bleached wax in our lovely natural candles! You can actually smell a faint fragrance of honey in some of our scents.

Next, we choose a wick made only from cotton - no metal core. Our wicks burn cleanly, and beeswax creates less smoke and soot than other candles. Just blow out the candle first - then replace the lid. The wicks we use have another great benefit - they are self-trimming. As the candle burns down, the wick gradually shortens - you will not have to cut back the wick when you re-light your natural candle.

And - speaking of re-lighting - here's a tip for burning your beeswax candle. Always burn a natural candle for an hour or so - until the pool of wax covers the surface of the candle container. This will insure that the candle doesn't 'tunnel' down and waste that precious scented wax.

We love to create unique scents for our natural candles. Many of our fragrances are our creations, and you won't find them anywhere else. Some are made with only essential oils (Zen Garden, Forest, Lemongrass-Lime, Orange-Jasmine) and all the others are made with high-quality fragrance oils. You won't get a headache from our scents! (You can see all our current fragrances and purchase unique natural candles HERE.)

In fact - your home will be healthier. Beeswax natural candles actually purify the air of your home. They do this by releasing negative ions - just like what happens after a rain storm! "Negative ions" sounds bad - but it's good! Pure beeswax candles are so healthy that even asthmatics can use them! They are the healthiest natural candles you can buy.