Natural Skin Care Ingredients

Skin Care Ingredients

Which skin care ingredients should be considered 'natural'? Which skin care ingredients do YOU want to use on the largest organ in YOUR body?

Here at B's Botanicals, we use only the purest, most natural ingredients in formulating our awesome skin care products. That means - none of our products contains ANY water, fillers, parabens, harsh chemicals or alcohol - and they NEVER will! Because - those ingredients are either not good for your skin, or they're just fillers - and we use no fillers, no preservatives, no additives.

The Skin Care Ingredients We Love

Instead, we use such things as:

Pure Filtered Beeswax.

Beeswax contains honey, propolis and pollen - in small quantities. Each of these contains minerals and other healing, nourishing ingredients that both soothe the skin and help to hold the other ingredients close to the skin. Many of our skin care products contain beeswax for these reasons.

Shea Butter.

Shea butter is derived from the shea nut from Africa. It is loaded with Vitamin E and emulsifiers that make skin soft and pliable. We use pure, filtered shea cream that doesn't overpower our delicate scents, but retains all the healing properties of the butter.

Mango Butter.

Here's another of nature's rich gifts to our skin care ingredient list. Mango butter is an excellent skin softener. Its texture is creamy and its effects are even creamier!

Cocoa Butter.

Another rich skin softener is the amazing cocoa butter. As a skin care ingredient, it adds vitamins and minerals, as well as soothing, softening properties. It has a light scent of cocoa.

Sweet Almond Oil.

As a skin softener, nourisher and soother - as well as a non-greasy carrier oil - almond oil can't be beat. It is a pure, food-grade oil loaded with emollients.

Soybean Oil

We love soybean oil for its nourishing vitamins, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. It can repair and rejuvenate aging skin and heals all skin types.

Essential Oils.

Although essential oils provide wonderful scents, we use them as one of our important skin care ingredients for their skin-enhancing properties. Some are soothing, some are healing, some provide wrinkle reduction, while others help correct blemishes. Essential oils are truly amazing and add so many genuine benefits to our skin care line.

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