Unique Wedding Favors

Unique Wedding Favors

Looking for unique wedding favors that stand out from the crowd and make your special day even more memorable? We've got just the thing!

Your guests will love our long-lasting, all-natural personalized candles - your luxurious, unique wedding favors.

Our line of fine scented beeswax candles is available with your choice of fragrance, as well as a label customized just for the occasion.

No one else will ever have the same look, the same scent, or the same appeal. It's totally personalized to fit your taste and your theme, making your day unique in every way.

Imagine a silver tin filled with fragrant beeswax, scented with a lovely orange blossom scent. With your personal label, it's a gift you'll be proud to send home with your guests. And, for those who're traveling to your wedding, it's easy to carry home.

One of our brides recently chose Lemongrass/Lime scent for her reception favors. Her personalized labels included the wedding couple's personal slogan, along with their names and the wedding date. You can design your own custom candles for your special day.

Beeswax candles burn twice as long as other types of candles do. And our pure, cotton-core wick is self-trimming, which means far less soot and smoke, and no need to trim the wick with scissors to keep it short. They're also the healthiest -even people with allergies - even asthmatics - can enjoy beeswax candles. We use only the highest quality fragrance oils and pure essential oils to scent our candles

The variety of scents is practically unlimited! You can choose a floral, fruity or spicy scent, even a custom blend.

Wedding Party Gifts

For extra-special, unique wedding favors, we have gift bags available. These contain your choice of a customized candle, plus an assortment of our fine personal care products for men and women. Choose from our skin serum, therapeutic rubs, beard products for men, lip balms and creams and create a memorable gift for your guests or attendants. Design your own custom groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts to fit your budget. 

You can browse all our products right here in our online boutique.

Let us know your theme, your colors, your taste in fragrances, and your budget.

We'll work with you to design the most unique wedding favors you or your guests have ever seen. They'll be beautiful, long-lasting and completely personalized.

Please use the Contact Us page to let us know your plans and ideas.