Fall scent candles
scented beeswax candle
Pumpkin Spice Candle
Pumpkin Spice Scent
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Fall Collection

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Fall Collection Scented Candles

Welcome, Autumn!

Gorgeous beeswax candles clean the air of your home and create a welcoming scent of Fall! Natural, pure USA beeswax makes the longest burning candles you can buy - up to twice the burn time of other waxes.

All-cotton, self-trimming wicks are used in all our candles.

The 4 oz. jars burn about 25 hours; 9 oz. hexagonal jars burn for 50 hours.

Choose from our Fall scents -
Pumpkin Spice - ever-popular seasonal scent
Harvest - our own blend - fruity, woodsy, wonderful
Forest - smells just like a forest - essential oils only
Cedar Canyon - deep woods and trees
Apple Cider - wonderfully appley

Here's what a happy customer said:
"These fall scented beeswax candles are to die for!"